Crutch And Cane Flash Light Image
Crutch And Cane Flash Light Image
Flashbaum On An Ergocane Cane
$ 25.14

Flashlight For Cruches and Canes - LightBaum

Adjustable LED Flashlight- Can be applied to any standard tube on any Mobility Device

LightBaum Features:

  • Can be applied to any standard tube on any mobility device
  • AG13 batteries pre-installed; replace with easy to find LR44, G13, SR44w, or AG13 batteries
  • Measures 2" x 2" x 2" • Weighs 0.29oz
  • Universal LED light mount that is easily added
  • Mount anywhere on canes, crutches, wheelchairs, or walker.
  • Innovated to illuminate the path for patients walking with mobility assist devices.
  • Built to fit the tube of mobility assist devices.
  • Easily adjustable to different angles  


LightBaum Description:

    Needing to use crutches or a cane can be challenging. Using them in dark areas can be hazardous. With Lightbaum, you can have a small, but powerful LED flashlight at the ready. It mounts easily to any mobility device. No more fumbling to use your smartphone for light while trying to hold your crutches or cane. Simply use Lightbaum. It’s brilliant.

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