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Rubber Tips

Ergocap All-Terrain Rubber Cane & Crutch Tips

Walking crutches help give individuals with walking difficulties some balance, stability, and a chance to lead an independent, active life.

Crutch and cane tips are also called rubber tips or non-slip tips. The tips are made of rubber and placed on the bottoms of canes or crutches. These tips provide traction and friction to hold onto the ground. They also give you stability when you lean on your crutch for support.  Read More

The crutch tip ensures your safety while walking by preventing the crutch's sliding due to the pressure you exert while in motion. Crutch tips wear out with time, and you should seek out a replacement for them whenever the metallic part of the crutch touches the ground to guarantee slip resistance and — more importantly — your safety.

Why Use Quality Tips

Selecting a high quality tip on your cane or crutch ensures your safety. A good tip guarantees not only a quality grip but also other important qualities, such as durability, flexibility, and shock absorption for constant ground contact.

A quality crutch or cane tip inspires you with the confidence you need to move around and live an active, independent life. With the confidence to move, you avoid hypertension and other conditions associated with a more sedentary lifestyle. A quality tip will last longer, reducing your downtime and keeping you safe.

Browse our selection of crutch and cane tips below, and contact Ergoactives today if you have any questions.

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