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7G Ergobaum Perfect Cane (Single)

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Taking cues from our happy customers, we now offer the revolutionary ERGOBAUM 7G as a single unit which can be used as a PERFECT CANE. Customers using traditional canes will immediately feel the difference, gaining the ability to walk upright with correct posture, unparalleled ergonomics, and support.

Extensively designed to be the most comfortable and advanced forearm crutch available, the ERGOBAUM 7G is built for its users’ needs first. Its premium design features an integrated, patented shock absorption system, fully adjustable ergonomics, built-in flashlight and alert horn, convenient folding functionality for travel, and the patented ERGO CAP crutch tip. Combined, each feature of the 7G provides an unparalleled level of comfort and ease that is unrivaled by any other product on the market.


UNIT WEIGHT: 2.90 lbs


USER HEIGHT RANGE: 5'0" - 6'6"


CUFF SIZE: Standard




GRIP SIZE: Standard



ERGOCAP (INCLUDED): High Performance (3/4")


GRIP ANGLE RANGE: 15º / 0º / -15º

GRIP (0º) TO CUFF (TOP) RANGE: 10.25" - 11.0"

FLOOR TO GRIP (0º) HEIGHT RANGE: 32.0" - 40.0"






HEIGHT: 26.5"

WIDTH: 4.50"

DEPTH: 10.0"




Your ERGOBAUM forearm cane is warranted against defects in material and/or workmanship for one (1) year. This warranty does not extend to accessories and non-durable components, such as Ergo Cap crutch tips, grips, or soft goods which are subject to normal wear and replacement. Non-durable or consumable components are warranted against manufacturer defects for 30 days. The warranty does not extend to batteries, packaging, or packaging components (e.g. clips, ties, stickers). 

If within such warranty period any such product shall be proven to be defective, such product shall be repaired or replaced at Ergoactives’ discretion. Refer to Ergoactives’ general Warranty Policy for further limitations and exclusions.

This product is eligible for Ergoactives' standard 14-day money-back guarantee. Eligible returns must be returned in new, unused condition, packed in the original packaging and include all accessories, manuals and/or documentation that came with the product. Return shipping and any related costs are the responsibility of the customer. Returned merchandise is subject to a 40% restocking fee. To initiate a return, contact Refer to Ergoactives’ Return Policy for further details and instructions.  



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More About Product

  • Ergobaum 7G Perfect Cane/Crutch- Single Foldable Ergonomic Crutch/Cane. Advancing the technology of crutches/canes for your comfort and mobility. A new generation of mobility support with enhanced safety, performance, comfort, and elegance. Ergobaum 7G Perfect Cane improves the quality of life for those needing to use walking devices- either for a temporary injury or for every day walking support.
  • With Ergobaum 7G Perfect Cane/Crutch Single unit, you no longer have to suffer from hand, wrist, arm, or shoulder pain. If you have felt inconvenienced and awkward using standard canes, you can finally have some conveniences and accommodations that make getting around easier for you. Ergobaum 7G Perfect Cane is the new standard.
  • State-of-the-Art Crutch/Cane: Ergobaum 7G Perfect Cane/Crutch is the most advanced strong high performance cane/crutch available. Designed by an Orthopedic Surgeon, using medical grade materials, Ergobaum 7G Perfect Cane/Crutch is unsurpassed in form and function.
  • If you have suffered an injury or are in need of every day walking assistance that requires you to use a cane/crutch, you know that getting around will not be easy or comfortable. But what if you could use a cane/crutch that worked with your body?
  • The Ergobaum 7G Perfect Cane/Crutch is designed for maximum ease and comfort, and it looks good too. —It is created by an orthopedic surgeon, with the patient’s functionality, as well as healing, in mind. —It is made to reduce friction and pain using a patented Ergocap High Performance tip, and a patented shock absorber in the lower part of the crutch/cane. —It is made with a unique handle design that is both cushiony and strong, allowing for a comfortable grip with less stress on the hands.
  • Most Important Feature #1: Full Ergonomic Grip- The Ergonomic Grip on this cane is designed with comfortable, exact fitting for the human hand. It has a stopper on one extreme that allows the user to know exactly where to grip the handle.
  • Most Important Feature #2: Shock-Absorber Action- Your Ergobaum ergonomic crutch/cane will absorb all impact and vibration when the crutch hits the ground, making you walk easier and as comfortable as it can get.

Product Description


Single Unit Ergobaum Crutch- Acts As A Strong Performance Cane!

The single unit variant of the popular Ergobaum Crutches is for users 5' to 6'6'' that need a more durable and effective assisted walking device rather than a conventional cane. This product is an advanced crutch/cane system that provides extra balance and high performance in terms of supporting the weight of the user, adding comfort and technology. It comes with all of the same popular features of the Ergobaum crutches (foldable feature, ergonomic, shock absorber, LED light for walking at night knee-rest platform, ergocap high-performance rubber tips, ergonomic grip, horn button and more!)

  • Ideal for users 5'0"- 6'6" Adjustable.
  • Recommended for up to 244 lbs. as marked weight in each crutch. If paired with another unit, supports over 360 lbs (our recommendation) or more.
  • 7G Latest Foldable Ergonomic Generation.
  • Single unit crutch/cane, accessories, and manual.
  • Made of medical grade materials.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Featuring shock absorbers, LED lights, knee-resting platforms, adjustable grip angle position options, adjustable height options, safety light reflectors, ergonomic padded grips and cuffs, & more.
  • Includes AG13 alkaline batteries—can also be replaced with LR44, G13, or SR44w batteries (not included).
  • Measures 34”x 9” x 4”.
  • Each crutch/cane weighs 2.8 lbs.

Features & Highlights:


UNIT WEIGHT: 2.90 lbs


USER HEIGHT RANGE: 5'0" - 6'6"

CUFF SIZE: Standard CUFF WIDTH: 3.50" CUFF LENGHT: 7.00"

GRIP SIZE: Standard


ERGOCAP (INCLUDED): High Performance (3/4")

GRIP ANGLE RANGE: 15º / 0º / -15º

GRIP (0º) TO CUFF (TOP) RANGE: 10.25" - 11.0"

FLOOR TO GRIP (0º) HEIGHT RANGE: 32.0" - 40.0"




HEIGHT: 26.5" WIDTH: 4.50" DEPTH: 10.0"


Features & Benefits Explained:

crutch with shock absorber




Shock Absorber Feature

Your Ergobaum ergonomic crutch/cane will absorb all impact and vibration when the crutch hits the ground, making you walk easier and as comfortable as it can get.

All Terrain, Non-Slip High Performance Rubber Tip

Your crutch/cane comes equipped with the Ergocap High Performance patented rubber tip. It grips to any surface at any angle. It lasts 3 times longer than any other rubber tip. It also acts in a heel-flat-toe motion, mimicking the articulations of the human foot/ankle.

Embedded LED Flashlight

Your crutch/cane comes with an embedded LED light below the grip. Use it to illuminate your path during dark hours.

Optional Knee-Rest Platform

Your crutch/cane comes equipped with a removable knee-rest platform so that you can rest your leg or knee at any time when you are tired. This part is optional and may be removed with a standard screwdriver.

crutch with ergonomic grip

comfort crutches

foldable crutches


Adjustable Ergonomic Rubber Grip

Your crutch/cane comes equipped with an adjustable ergonomic, anatomical grip designed to fit the human hand comfortably. It can be adjusted to three different angle positions. Also, it has a panic button to alert others when you are walking.

Padded Forearm Cuff + Padded Strap

Your crutch/cane comes equipped with a padded comfortable cuff to rest your forearms. Also, your crutch/cane comes equipped with a strap so you don't have to let go of your crutch/cane while you are using your hands.

Foldable Crutche/Cane

Your crutch/cane is foldable at the push of a secured pin button at the top of the shaft of your Ergobaum crutch/cane. By pushing down on the pin, and folding the crutch/cane, this ergonomic cane/crutch is perfect for traveling and for compact transport situations. The product fits in many luggages as well.

Night Reflectors

Your crutch/cane comes equipped with night reflectors so that others can see you if you are crossing the street or moving about in dark hours.