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Ergocane 2G

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ERGOCANE 2G is Ergoactives' latest innovation in mobility support and design. It is the first cane in the world equipped with a unique shock-absorption system that utilizes a vertical compression technology to mimic the knee joint articulation, allowing the leg to bend freely and comfortably. With its ergonomically cushioned grip and patented inertial swing handle, ERGOCANE 2G guides its user through a perfect gait cycle; promoting a correct, comfortable, and upright posture. By using the included ERGO CAP HIGH PERFORMANCE tip, the ERGOCANE 2G can also stand freely on its own when not in use.


UNIT WEIGHT: 1.5 lbs (Aluminum) / 1.4 lbs (Carbon Fiber)




FLOOR TO GRIP (0º) HEIGHT RANGE: 31.5" - 40.5"


GRIP SIZE: Standard



ERGOCAP (INCLUDED): High Performance


Your ERGOCANE walking cane is warranted against defects in material and/or workmanship for one (1) year. This warranty does not extend to accessories and non-durable components such as the Ergo Cap crutch tip or grip which are subject to normal wear and replacement. Non-durable or consumable components are warranted against manufacturer defects for 30 days.

If within such warranty period any such product shall be proven to be defective, such product shall be repaired or replaced at Ergoactives’ discretion. Refer to Ergoactives’ general Warranty Policy for further limitations and exclusions.

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More About Product

  • Introducing Ergocane 2G, Ergoactives latest innovation in mobility support and design., Ergocane 2G, your ergonomic personal assistant. Ergonomic. Shock Absorber. Comfortable. Adjustable. Designed and developed by an orthopedic surgeon, the Ergocane is the most advanced and comfortable cane available
  • The Only Shock Absorber Cane! The Ergocane 2G is the first cane in the world equipped with a unique shock-absorption system that has vertical compression technology that mimics the knee joint movements, allowing the leg to bend freely and comfortably.
  • With the Ergocane 2G, you no longer have to suffer from hand discomfort resulting from using a cane. Ergocane’s unique ergonomic grip has non-slip, non-latex medical grade rubber. The patented ergonomic padded grip is designed to: -alleviate pressure -reduce callus formation -avoid carpal tunnel discomfort.
  • Ergocane 2G has pre-determined, notched levels of height adjustment for all types of senior adults. The body of the Ergocane expands from 28 in (71 cm) to 42.5 in (107 cm) for the perfect height for any user.
  • The Ergocap High Performance is included with the Ergocane 2G. It grips the surface, preventing slips, and provides support and balance at any angle. It also makes the Ergocane 2G STAND BY ITSELF - The Ergocap High Performance tip was voted the most advanced patented cane and crutch tip available. -Simulates the foot and ankle joint movements for a more natural and comfortable gait.

Product Description

Why Ergocane?

Featuring revolutionary shock absorption technologies and a patented inertial swing ergonomic grip, the Ergocane 2G is designed to mimic the natural gait, walking with you to provide unparalleled stability and ease of movement.Feel the difference and experience a whole new level of comfort with the all new & improved version: Ergocane 2G

Designed By An Orthopedic Surgeon- Three Elegant Choices

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As Seen On TV

The Ergocane ergonomic cane is designed and developed by an orthopedic surgeon. Considered by many as the most advanced and comfortable cane available, it uses medical grade materials and patented technology that revolutionizes mobility support. As well as having an anatomic ergonomic grip, and a stand-alone patented tip design, Ergocane is equipped with a shock absorbing system that guides the user through a perfect gait, maintaining the right posture at all times, looking forward and enjoying the ride. It Supports 300 lbs and its made of premium grade aluminum

Main Features: Ergonomic Anatomical Grip, Shock-Absorber Technology, High Performance Stand Alone Patented Tip, & Fully Adjustable


Ergocane 2G is the only cane in the world with a shock absorption system that effectively reduces common stressors caused by traditional canes. The innovative vertical compression technology promotes more natural movement by mimicking the gait cycle, allowing the knee to bend freely and comfortably.

Main Features & Benefits For Using The New Ergocane 2G

Ergocane, Ergonomic Grip

Shock, Absorber, Rebound, System

Pendular Action Cane

Ergocap Tip

Full Ergonomic Grip

The Ergonomic Grip on this cane is designed with comfortable, exact fitting for the human hand. It has a stopper on one extreme that allows the user to know exactly where to grip the handle.

Shock-Absorber Action

The cane has a shock absorber mechanism in the shaft of the cane. It mimics the knee movement articulations, making it as smooth and as comfortable as the natural gait is. When the user moves and flexes the knee in a natural way, the shock absorber activates.

Pendular Action

The Ergocane has a comfortable anti-arthritic handle with a unique pendulum technology that maintains its balance and helps it move forward for a safer, natural, more comfortable gait. The user does not need to raise and propel the cane forward with force, rather, it practically stays by the user's side with each step taken with almost no force required

Ergocap High Performance Patented Tip

The Ergocane comes equipped with Ergocap High Performance rubber tip, the most advanced tip available today. This tip mimics two joints of foot and ankle, providing grip, support, and balance at

any angle.

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Three Elegant & Beautiful Designs

Black Matte

ergocane 2g, ergocane, walking cane, cane, canes

ergocane 2g, ergocane, walking cane, cane, canes

Matte Black Design

Carbon Checkered Design

Wood Design