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ErgoBraces Premium Elbow & Knee Braces

Ergoactive makes quality elbow and knee braces to give you the benefit of stability. Our braces support the joints and allow for movement and stabilization. ErgoBraces are among the strongest available and work for a variety of conditions and injuries.

The ErgoBrace for elbows is lightweight and ergonomic. Its adjustable hinge can lock in place or safely help your arm move. The range of movement can be set from 0 to 120 degrees.  Read More

The knee ErgoBrace is protective and comfortable. Its adjustable, telescopic movement keeps your knee safe as you move. These rigid support braces offer both maximum stability and function that is ideal for tennis elbow or ACL tears as well as for more everyday types of elbow and knee pain.

How do the braces work?

The braces comfortably cushion your joint and allow for safe movement in an approved range. Their lightweight and comfortable materials make the braces easy to wear. The braces reduce knee pain (or elbow pain) and allow you to heal.

The adjustable brace straps onto your arm or leg both above and below the joint. The lightweight frame holds the leg in place, while soft padding protects the skin from irritation or swelling. These features cushion the joint and keep you comfortable.

A range-of-motion limiter frames the joint. A push-button system allows you to set your desired range of motion or freeze the limb completely. This way, you gain comfortable and supported movement or immobilization for your joint. And your joint gets time to heal.

What conditions and injuries might require a brace?

Our elbows and knees get a workout every day. Athletes are one group of people who use knee and elbow supports. People recovering from surgery are another. Our brace provides benefits for bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, tennis elbow, ACL tears, sprains, tears, fractures, hyperextensions, pulled ligaments, lupus, gout, and others.

To learn more about our braces, contact Ergoactives or take a look at each one below.

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