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Injury Boots & Height Levelers

Shoebaum Orthopedic Walking Boots & Height Levelers

Many people inevitably experience a foot or ankle injury that causes pain, swelling and discomfort. When the injury isn't too severe, a doctor might recommend an orthopedic boot. Unlike casts, these boots can be removed, allowing you to more easily shower or drive. You can also put your full weight on the boot, so you may not have to deal with crutches during the healing process.  Read More

Walking Boot Products Carried By Ergoactives

Ergoactives offers two types of Shoebaum Air Cam walking boots — short and tall. The tall boots are designed for more stabilization of your lower leg and ankle. The shorter boots are a good option for foot injuries. Men's and women's sizes are available, and the boots are specific to the left or right foot. They attach with straps and have an inflatable air bladder for cushioning and isolation of motion.

How Orthopedic Boots Alleviate Pain Caused by Foot and Ankle Injuries

When you have a foot injury, the motion of your foot and ankle can worsen pain. The boot stabilizes your foot and ankle so that they don't roll or shift. They reduce motion in the affected joints, so there's swelling. The boots also help you distribute your weight better with each step, putting less stress on the injured areas. By reducing pain and swelling and promoting healing, an orthopedic boot might help you avoid surgery.

Foot and Ankle Conditions That May Require Use of Walking Boots

Many foot and ankle conditions benefit from the use of a walking boot. Stress fractures anywhere in the foot or ankle can be treated with these orthopedic boots. Swelling or a hairline fracture of the metatarsal or sesamoid bones can also be treated this way. Shin splints, sprains and strains also benefit from these boots.

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