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Q: How to adjust the 7G height?

A: By pushing the button that is towards the middle of the pole and pulling up or down to desire height.

Q: How to remove the tips on the crutches/canes to replace them?
A: Hold on to the knee rest with one hand and then pull up and twist with the other hand on the tip.

Q: How to replace the rubber on the 7G handgrip? 
A: The rubber part can't be replaced. We do have an entire handgrip replacement for sale.

Q: Is the rubber from the 7G grip made out of latex?
A: No, all of our products are latex free.

Q: What is the width of the Ergocap Tips? (from wing to wing) 
A: 3.125" from wing edge to wing edge

Q: How does the spring activated seat works on the commode?
A: The seat is spring engaged and when not in use, the seat will be at roughly a 45-60 degree angle. When the user sits down, applying pressure onto the seat, the springs will compress until the user has sat completely and the seat is flat. When the user is finished using the commode, they should slowly begin standing. The seat's springs will extend, assisting the user up and forward.  Additionally, if this function is unnecessary for the user, the seat can simply be locked in it's normal flat position with the aid of 2 red pivoting clips located at the base of the backrest.
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