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Find the Right Ergobaum Crutches for Your Comfort

Based on your needs for mobility aids, you may want to look into the different mobility options available to you. Some people may use canes or similar aids, but that might not be a good choice based on your situation. We have some crutches available that can assist you and meet your needs when it comes to improving your mobility.  Read More

The Types of Crutches for Sale

We offer a specialized selection of crutches to assist you with your upper body. For example, we have forearm crutches that attach to your arm and some underarm options for people that prefer those types. This way, you can look into your personal care needs and pick the crutch accessories that will best meet your specific problems while providing a comfortable way to improve your mobility.


Choosing Your Crutches

There are several important factors in choosing crutches that will provide you with the best physical comfort. First, you'll need to choose between traditional underarm crutches and forearm crutches. Traditional crutches are a little easier to use and require less upper-body strength, so they're good for short-term use. Forearm crutches take more time and strength to learn to use, but for long-term injuries, they put less stress on the body. 

Next, it's important to size crutches correctly. If the crutches are too high, you can put a lot of strain on your arms, get sore armpits, and impede your mobility. If they're too low, healing may take longer because of not getting enough body weight off of the injured limb. Hunching over low crutches can also cause you to have back pain.

It's important that your doctor help you get the crutches fitted just right. When using traditional crutches, make sure you are resting your weight on your hands and not on your armpits. 


Personal Comfort

Choosing crutches correctly goes a long way towards personal comfort, which then allows you better mobility and a speedier recovery. You need to be comfortable in order to avoid any unnecessary strain on another part of your body as your injury heals. This will let you get around more easily as you recover.

When They Are the Best Option

Depending on your personal situation, you may want to purchase our crutches to use as your mobility aids. They work well for people that can still use their legs and don't want to deal with the size limitations of wheelchairs. On top of this, our forearm crutches provide some variety in options in case using traditional shoulder crutches is more difficult. All of our crutches also come with the benefit of shock absorption to help stabilize the user and, overall, make movement more convenient.

Meeting your health care needs will always remain an important part of life, so you need to prioritize it. You should do your best to ensure that you have proper mobility, and our innovative, comfortable crutches might be the best option for you. With this in mind, take a look at the options we p>Contact the Ergoactives team if you have any questions about our products!

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