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The Return of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise & the Supercrutches!

The Return of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise & the Supercrutches!

Oct 30

The Return of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise & the Supercrutches!

“I am definitely a living example that miracles really do happen”

Congressman Steve Scalise, the House of Representatives Majority Whip, who suffered a debilitating and dangerous gunshot wound back in June of this year, finally came back to Capitol Hill, in the middle of tumultuous applause and a standing ovation from everyone present.

His well-wishers were many, both at Capitol Hill during Congress and abroad, and included the likes of the British Prime Minister Theresa May, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, King Abdullah II of Jordan, and none other than President Donald Trump.

Thanking the Capitol Police, rescue services and medical staff, as well as his wife, Congressman Scalise acknowledged the prayers and praise in a spirited speech, while he himself appeared to be in tremendous shape.

Steve Scalise was injured when a lone gunman opened fire during a congressional baseball game in June. The extent of the injury was such that he had to undergo reconstructive surgery of the femur and hip region. Luckily, doctors worked diligently to restore him to full health, after inpatient rehabilitation.

The Congressman’s Crutches

While he was in rehabilitation, the Congressman made use of crutches that looked like they were from a movie about cybertronic men, or from a Bond film! The very same crutches were noticed by everyone at Capitol Hill when he came to deliver the speech.

Ergoactives Ergobaum 7G: The Crutches of the Future

The crutches which the Congressman made use of were manufactured by Ergoactives, a company based in Florida. The company in question is known for their innovation in assistive implements, and their Ergobaum 7G’s are one in a long line of superior products.

Constructed out of specialized, lightweight aluminum, the crutches boast a variety of features that make them easy as well as convenient, not to mention extremely beneficial for anyone suffering a leg injury.

The elbow pads, which accommodate arms of all shapes and sizes, are comfortable and soft, and the grip, which is crafted out of a grip-assisting rubber, features a safety horn as well as a flashlight, the combination of which is a first.

Also new are the shock absorbers which are built into the frame itself, allowing for easy absorption and dampening. The high-performance Ergocap feature, which is the base of the crutches, has a swivel feature that allows it to articulate just like human ankles. And on top of all that, the crutches have a knee rest which can be engaged, allowing the user to rest their knee on, which prevents people from having to put their weight on the opposite crutch, in case one leg is injured.

The Obvious Choice for Congressman Steve Scalise

No wonder the Congressman chose Ergobaum 7G’s for his rehabilitation and subsequent usage! It has all the qualities that are a requisite for a busy person who requires a degree of comfort from their supportive implements.

You can view Ergoactives products at:

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