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Ilan. Amazon Customer Review. Ergobaum Crutches (5 out of 5 stars)

Apr 09
on January 7, 2015
Well, these crutches are excellent because they finally got me walking again. I went through ankle surgery three months ago on my right ankle and was very afraid of stepping on that foot after that. These crutches are very comfortable, and they have shock absorbers that reduce the impact of the injury as it comes to contact with the ground, they also have shock absorbers in the grip that are marvelous for my wrists. They have knee platforms for me to rest my knees and my feet, and offer cool features such as LED lights and beepers so people are aware that a disabled person is in front of them or behind them. The Crutch Tips offer balance at any angle in which I place these crutches. I had read of other reviewers suggesting that these crutches are less stable than others, but for me who prefer to walk slowly rather than jumping all around in one foot, have been just amazing! I am close to walking on my own and have bought a Shoebaum from Ergoactives. With the Shoebaum, which also has shock absorbers, I can finally step on my ankle again! I don’t feel any pain when I step on my ankle because the shock absorbers take away all the “Shock” that my ankle would feel with making contact with the ground. I no longer need crutches and I’m close to a full recovery and fast!! Thanks Ergoactives
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