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Ergoactives designs, develops, and brings to market newly patented technologies for devices that enhance mobility. We are committed to providing excellence, emphasizing comfort, functionality, and value with superior crutches, canes, boots, and other devices with the patient’s experience in mind. We are the proud creators of the Ergobaum, Shoebaum, Ergocane, Ergocap, Tucane & Level-Up brands, as well as many accessories for our ergonomic mobility products. Our mission is to be the industry leader, by developing the most innovative devices to enhance independence, comfort, functionality, and quality of life for those in need of mobility support.

Ergoactives was established by Dr. Bernardo Birnbaum, an orthopedic surgeon for over 35 years. He has used his experience with thousands of patients to design and develop products that far surpass conventional models, and he always has the patient’s comfort and functionality in mind. Each patented technology is rooted in Dr. Birnbaum’s expertise and familiarity with the patient’s entire experience beyond the initial injury or condition.

"Each technology fills a current need in assistive mobility by improving upon an existing technology or device, or by designing a new device to serve a need that is clearly defined and acknowledged by medical professionals and patients with walking disabilities."

-Dr. Birnbaum, President of Ergoactives


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We couldn't be any prouder of Mr. Ji Seong-Ho using our Ergobaum‬ Crutches, he is a true Hero.

He walked 6,000 Miles on Crutches in his escape from N.Korea with a missing limb and tells his story. ‪#‎HowFarWouldYouGo‬

Follow his inspiring story at

Juan Carlos I, former King of Spain, walking along Hillary Clinton with his pair of Ergobaum Crutches. He recovered from multiple hip and knee surgeries with the help of the Ergobaum Crutches. He remains an Ergobaum user to this day.

Adalberto Peñaranda, Venezuela National Team Superstar, recovers with the Ergobaum 7G Green Crutches. We wish him a speedy and comfortable recovery with "America's #1 Ergonomic Crutches" Also, he is using the Shoebaum boot with shock absorber sole, along with the level-up height balancer.

Celso Borges, Costa Rica National Team player and Deportivo La Coruña player recovers with Ergobaum Crutches

Jackson Follmann, survivor from the plane crash of the Chapecoense FC Soccer Team, is walking now with the help of the Ergobaum Crutches. Every time he walks with Ergobaum, all of the impact from the injury with the ground is relieved by the crutch' shock absorber technology on the grip and tip of the device.

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