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Best Crutches for Every Type of Mobility Issue

Most people get confused when choosing crutches online. There are some factors to be considered before purchasing a crutch, like durability, weight capacity, height, etc. Despite the condition you need crutches for, whether it's a broken foot, sprained ankle, permanent disability, or other injuries, Ergoactives has got you covered. This guide will help you buy the most suitable crutches for any condition.


Types of Crutches

There are three types of crutches: axillary (underarm) crutches and forearm (elbow) crutches and gutter crutches. The gutter crutch is just the forearm crutch modified. Rheumatoid patients commonly use them. They are used to enable patients or older people to distribute their weight and maintain their balance. They are soft padded and use rubber ferrule to increase comfort.


Injuries That Require Crutches

Crutches help you regain mobility and weight support as you recover from short-term and long-term injuries. In cases of permanent disability, crutches offer permanent mobility. Injuries that require crutches include:

  • Sprained ankle
  • Hip dislocation
  • Knee injury
  • Broken foot
  • Muscle strain
  • Broken ankle
  • Stress fracture
  • Achilles tendon injury
  • ACL injury
  • Other leg injuries


Crutches for Non-Weight Bearing Injuries

These crutches help users to be mobile without putting any weight on the injured leg to allow the bones to heal properly. We have different Ergobaum crutches to ensure our customers' mobility without putting the injured foot on the ground. 7G Ergobaum forearm crutches are some of the best non-weight bearing crutches with durable, lightweight, and sleek.

Features of these crutches include customized fit for the users, stabilized support, lightweight load capacity, and stylish finish.


Best Crutches for Long-Term Use

Long-term users of crutches need to be as comfortable as possible while using the crutches for proper healing. Among the best options, Ergobaum adult crutches offer great comfort for our long-term users due to their patient-friendly design. They are designed with patients’ comfort in mind, providing high-level performance.


Features of Long-Term Crutches

  • Crush armpit rests that allow you to rest without strain while on different terrain and even on stairs
  • Innovative spring mechanism that's adaptable to different grounds and walking speed
  • Adaptive shock absorbent technology, the most innovative technology of crutches
  • Comfortable handle designed to let patients rest their hands in a neutral position (The angle is also convertible, accommodating different hand angles according to one's body.)
  • Rocker feet that allow for prolonged hard touch on the ground while walking

Our crutches lessen underarm pain, ensure comfortable handle angle adjustment, and reserve hands and wrists in a neutral position.


Forearm Crutches

Also called elbow crutches, forearm crutches offer support cuffing around the forearm and sometimes the elbow or wrist. They are mostly recommended for permanent and long-term disabilities. Compared to axillary crutches, they require more upper body strength and more practice before mastering how to use them.

Forearm crutches are the right solution for our customers who need comfort. They help reduce the chances of back pain and help maintain proper posture. Even though hands and arms may get a little tired, they are very stylish and avoid sore armpits.

Once you have mastered how to use them, it is very easy to use them on stairs and other uneven terrains. We deal with several forearm crutches for all ages, including 7G Ergobaum adult forearm crutches for adults, Ergobaum junior forearm crutches for children, and Ergobaum infant forearm crutches for infants, all at customer-friendly prices.


Underarm Crutches

Also known as axillary crutches, underarm crutches are commonly used in the U.S while recovering from leg injuries. Unlike forearm crutches, they are easy to learn and require less upper body strength, so they're considered best for short-term uses. They are also readily available.

However, they are not very comfortable as too much pressure is exerted during use, making the hands, wrists, and armpits sore. This problem can be combated by adding grips and using proper form. We discourage improper use of this medical device as it may result in axillary nerve dysfunction. Such improper use could be drooping your body weight on the armpit, compressing the axillary nerve when fatigued.

Suppose underarm crutches are the best fit for you. In that case, we recommend folding crutches that are easier to travel with and easily stored under the table. Some of the best underarm crutches that we have are our Ergobaum dual underarm crutches that are sold at customer-friendly prices for a pair.


Best Crutches for Amputees

At Ergoactives, we have designed the most advanced Ergobaum 7G crutches suitable for amputees. Our target is to make a different life for those with movement problems and injuries through this well-designed mobility aid. We are trying to make people believe that everything can concur no matter what you are going through.


Features of Ergobaum 7G Crutches

  • Movable cuff height: Since the length of the wrist to the elbow differs between people, this crutch has been developed with an adjustable cuff from the handle. This means it can easily be adjusted to fit the user.
  • Padded cuff: This ensures extra comfort as you rest your wrists on it. In addition, it is fitted with an adjustable forearm padded strap to ensure it tags along with your elbow.
  • Reflective cat eye: This is to ensure your safety. The cat eyes are brighter because of their reflective nature, so you don't need to be worried in the dark anymore.
  • Antinoise lock ring: This was designed with those who don't like the shock-absorbing system in mind to allow them to lock up their springs easily.

Some of the advantages of these crutches include a flashlight with easy operation, an adjustable cuff for an easy fit, a padded cuff for extra comfort, and a flashlight alert horn for users' security.


Crutches Fit

To ensure comfort, easier mobility, and reduced chances of soreness, ensure your. crutches are of the proper height before buying them. We encourage users to follow the following steps to determine the proper crutch fit, especially in height.


Underarm Crutches

  • Ensure the underarm supports are 1.5 to 2 inches below your armpits by adjusting the crutches’ length.
  • Make sure the handgrips are parallel with your hips to ensure your elbows are slightly bent and can fully extend when taking a step
  • During use, test your weight on your arms and not underarms’ support.


Forearm Crutches

  • While standing straight, ensure the forearm cuff is 1 to 2 inches below where the elbow bends by adjusting the crutches’ length.
  • Ensure the hand grips are close to where the wrist bends while standing straight.

After following these guidelines, we can guarantee that your crutches are now fit, safe, and comfortable for use.


Ergoactives Crutches

Here at Ergoactives, we have different mobility options for you to choose from depending on your condition, all at affordable prices. Our crutches guarantee your comfort, safety, and mobility. Our company specializes in all kinds of mobility aids, including canes, levers, braces, rollators, commodes, rubber tips, crutches, accessories, and replacement parts. We ensure all your mobility needs are met under one cool roof.

We deal with all types of crutches, including forearm, underarm, non-weight bearing, amputee, overweight, long-term use, hands-free, and gutter crutches. In addition, we offer our customers several options to pick the mobility aids that will meet their care needs.

Our main priority is to meet the personal mobility needs of our customers. To ensure this, we sell innovative, customized, and comfortable crutches. All our crutches are fitted with the new shock absorbent technology to ensure user stability and make movement more convenient, whether on stairs, slopes, or any other uneven terrain. At Ergoactives, all your mobility needs are met. Visit our website today and look at the options we have for you for comfortable, premium, and customized mobility aids.