Crutch Tip ErgoCap Ultralite - Beauty Shot
Crutch Tip Image From Down-Up Ergocap
Crutch and Cane Tip Image of ErgoCap Rotating
Cane Tips for All Terrain- ErgoCap Ultralite
Cane Tips for All Terrain- ErgoCap Ultralite
Cane Tips for All Terrain- ErgoCap Ultralite
Ergocap Crutch Tip Two Unit Box
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Cane Tips for All Terrain- ErgoCap Ultralite

Ergocap Ultralite: Universal Tip for Canes- USA Patented


  • Provides stability and balance at any angle in which it is positioned
  • Cane tips for stability and superior grip.
  • Specially designed to fit canes primarily.
  • Smaller in size and lighter in weight compared to Ergocap High Performance.
  • Reduces the vibration and impact with the ground
  • A universal crutch tip that fits any crutch!
  • Non-Slip & promotes a perfect gait (Heel-Flat-Toe)
  • The ErgoCap Ultralite is a perfect fit for 73mm tubes or any standard tube


Designed by an orthopedic surgeon, this exceptional cane and crutch tip mimics the human ankle, providing greater stability, comfort, and safety while using a cane or crutches. Made of non-slip, long lasting rubber with special stabilization wings, the ErgoCap Ultralite is formulated for all-terrain use.

As advanced as our ErgoCap HP and Ergo Cap Winter, the ErgoCap Ultralite tip is a lighter version of our other patented implements. The ErgoCap UltraLite provides steadiness at any angle, allowing the user to walk more naturally and comfortably.

The ErgoCap Ultralite fits standard size canes and crutches as well as Ergoactives canes and crutches. The ErgoCap Ultralite is particularly popular for canes, but is also usable with crutches (even pediatric crutches).

ErgoCap Ultralite:The Advanced Lightweight Reinforced Rubber Cane and Crutch Tip

Ergocap Ultralite Mechanism:

Crutch Tips In Articulating Action

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