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Improve Your Mobility and Comfort with Rollators from Ergoactives

When an injury, balance issue, or movement disorder makes it difficult for you or your loved one to safely ambulate, a walker or rollator may help. Your doctor may recommend you use one of these devices in order to reduce your risk of falling. Here's what you need to know about rollators so that you can make an informed decision about which one is the right one for you.  Read More

Differences Between a Walker and a Rollator

A rollator has four wheels, whereas a walker has four legs that typically do not roll. With that in mind, using a walker usually requires a person to lift it. The rollator is like a rolling walker, easier to maneuver because it has four rolling wheels and hand brakes for stability. This type of mobility aid also has swiveling wheels and a convenient padded seat that is height-adjustable.

When a Rollator or Walker Is Recommended

If you have balance or stability problems, a walker can be a great choice. It's stable, and a heavy-duty walker can support some of your weight when you move. If you need frequent breaks, rollators offer a convenient place to sit and rest. If you have chronic fatigue, the rollator can be your go-to mobility aid. 

People dealing with weakness in the arms should also choose a rollator to avoid having to lift anything just to get around. When you need to travel, you can also take the folded rollator with you. Ours come with a storage bag for ease of transportation. The folded rollator even fits into the trunk of a car, making for more convenient travels.

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