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Walker by Shoebaum Short With Lateral Shock Absorber
Walker by Shoebaum Short With Lateral Shock Absorber Sock
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Walker by Shoebaum Short With Lateral Shock Absorber Toe Protection
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Shoebaum Short Walker with Lateral Shock Reduction Technology

  • Shoebaum Short is a perfect fit for male users with shoe sizes between 7 and 11.5, or female users with shoe sizes from 8 to 12.5
Shoebaum Short is the world's first patented Short Injury Boot/ CAM (controlled ankle movement) Walker with three independent loaded spring shock absorbers that reduce the impact the injury while walking. The Shoebaum Short patented technology also includes the unique multi-angle hinge at the ankle, allowing the user to fix the device to the desired position, ensuring optimal alignment, while maintaining the ankle at a 90 degree to 135 degree angle. Available in standard black with yellow night reflectors across the boot.
The Shoebaum Short is distinguished by the revolutionary spring-loaded sole, as well as a pressure reduction system inside the shoe. A patented cushioned sole that simulates the natural lateral movement of the foot in motion, moves up to 2 degrees side to side, creating a more natural sensation of movement while protecting the ankle. It is designed to relieve pressure while protecting the injury.
With the Shoebaum and Shoebaum Short, patients with fractures do not require a cast. The sock inside the Shoebaum and Shoebaum Short is removable. The Shoebaum is patented worldwide. Works best for all upfront metatarsal pressure discomforts, such as Metatarsal fractures, post-operatory hallux valgus, plantar diabetic ulcers, plantar fascitis disorders, gout disorders, or any post-operatory foot or ankle surgeries and/or injury recovery.
Special Dynamic Three Module Shock-Absorbing system (Heel-flat- toe) that reduces the impact of the gait on injuries, promoting the fast recovery of soft tissue trauma and stable fractures. It is also an effective tool for lower limb rehabilitation, as well as a post-operative immobilization device. The slideable sole technology in the Shoebaum Short is the latest technology designed to relieve pressure, vibration, and absorb impact on the plantar side of the foot.
-Convenient Velcro® Straps for fast and easy adjustment.
-Multi angle ankle hinge to fix boot to the desired position.
-Easy front access without disrupting immobilization.
-“Toe- Bumper System” designed to protect the injured toe from an impact. Easily removable to allow the medical practitioner to examine injured foot.
-Anti-vibration and impact absorbing EVA sole.

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